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Now that we’ve seen glimpses of 2014!Dean in our current Dean, I wonder if this is as dark a future as previously thought. Dean has always been an unreliable narrator, so his assumption that 2014!Dean was going to sacrifice his friends might have been wrong. Dean, currently, doesn’t seem to bother telling people his plans, especially if he doesn’t think they’re worthy of it. And I’m sure 2014!Dean thought past!Dean was really unworthy of it—and, more importantly, the person that knew the plan was the person that mattered: Cas. 2014!Dean trusts Cas above all others this episode: they go over the plans together, and they have entire arguments and conversations through body language alone. Even something as simple as this scene right here, handing the binoculars over is Dean literally sharing the plan with Cas.

Would Cas, hopeless and hapless as he was, even died? He was to provide a diversion so Dean could have the time for the one crucial shot to kill the Devil, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Dean’s sacrificing him. Cas is a soldier—he knows what’s at stake, and the plan is dangerous, and they may not make it out alive. Dean might not either, and it’s something they both accept and move on with, because they’ve always known the greater good is what they both will sacrifice everything for. Maybe Cas would have died, but he would have died knowing full well what Dean’s plan was. Or maybe not—because Cas is as brilliant a tactician as Dean is, and he could have kept his small team alive long enough for Dean to get the one-shot he needed, and even after that too.

And maybe in this future, the Colt would have worked, and Cas would have emerged from that building with his small team in tow. And he would have found Dean trying not to sob over the body of his little brother, and gone to Dean’s side to offer what comfort he could. Cas would have been ready to stand with Dean again, ready to soldier on alongside him in this brave new world. Maybe they would have even been able to fix each other along the way, and emerge stronger than ever before.

I really need to watch this episode again…

Oh, god, jkateel! Look at what you wrote. I am sobbing. Sobbing. And dude, I love that you touched on Dean as an unreliable narrator, because he is. Everything we see from Dean’s pov needs to be filtered through a new lens, because his self-loathing colours everything. You can’t trust anything Dean sees (and how much do I love that S8’s Purgatory hi-lighted that?) I swear, half the arguments in this fandom stem from people missing that. Unreliable narration, man. SPN uses it so, so effectively.

This is the beauty of SPN. I’ve said this before, but writers write a story that has several layers, leaving it up to the reader to take it all apart. But sometimes they have unreliable narrators too, and you can go back and look at the scene from another point of view (in this case, the camera or by taking off the self-loathing filters) and realize the story underneath. This is what makes a great story: one you can back to time and time again and see something new.

(Aka Edlund is a genius.)

As long as we’re playing the hindsight game here: We’ve seen mounting evidence over the years to suggest that Cas has some sort of innate or gifted resurrection power. He’s died, literally, right before our eyes several times. And each time, he’s put back together, healed of his wounds, reset to some starting default status. Cas dies and comes back every single time.

(He appears to be unique among angels in this regard, but we can’t know for sure, as we haven’t seen any other angel but Raphael die on screen in a manner that didn’t involve an angel blade.)

2009!Dean wouldn’t know about this quality of Cas’s yet. He’s only seen Cas die once, and at the time, it appeared to be highly unusual; he was even worried it might’ve been caused by Lucifer.

By the time he reaches 2014, however, Our Dean would know that Cas resurrects. So it’s entirely possible that 2014!Dean knows about the ability too. And if so, then it’s possible that 2014!Dean knows that, even if Cas dies in the assault, he won’t be gone — he will somehow be resurrected.

2014!Dean is still willing to feed his friends into a meat grinder, yes. But is he also assuring Cas dies too? Several years later, the answer isn’t as obvious as it at first appeared. 

As an aside: as for the Colt working, I always thought “The End” foreshadowed that the Colt will not work against the Devil (something later confirmed in “Abandon All Hope”). When 2009!Dean runs into the Garden and sees Lucifer’s boot crushing 2014!Dean’s neck, there’s a shot of the Colt laying useless on the ground. Clearly it had been drawn. And while we can’t know for sure if 2014!Dean had gotten off the shot,  with how competent 2014!Dean is in all other matters, it seems he’d be capable of shooting a gun at point-blank range too.

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cas in a box

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the pacific rim au of legally blonde though:

elle woods trying to get into jaeger academy to win back warner.

"you got into jaeger academy?" "what, like it’s hard?"

elle woods being drift compatible with vivian.

elle falling for LOCCENT officer emmett.

elle and vivian piloting a jaeger called delta nu.


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What We Reach Out For and What We Hold On To: 8.17 // 9.18 

When this gifset from the cold open of Goodbye Stranger popped up on my dash, it sets some bells off in my head. (Some of that might also be how long I spent staring at analyzing this gifset though. It’s nice to see that Misha’s gaining martial prowess, even if he’s still awkward. But it’s a fun little grab and you can see Dean’s weight shift as he’s brought under control of the potential lock/break—the one that’s executed fully in 8.17.)

(Note: it’s not really any wonder that the two scenes play out so similarly; the two episodes share both a writer and a director.)

The scene in Meta Fiction acts as a foil for the one in Goodbye Stranger. In both scenes, we see Dean reach out to Cas. In both of them, Cas uses the same wrist grab, that (properly executed) will lock up the victim’s arm—elbow and shoulder. The first time, he executes the grab fully, and follows through with the kill. The second time is an echo; it reminds us that Cas can and will challenge Dean physically when there’s something wrong. However, the thing that’s wrong has been mirrored in 9.18: instead of Cas being hollow and under Naomi’s manipulation we have Dean who’s broken and empty, partially as a result of Crowley’s manipulations. 

No matter what it might portend for the end of the season, we have one more (visual) cue to remind us that Dean isn’t the good guy right now.

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The fact that they did not shoot this scene makes me PHYSICALLY ANGRY. Picture for a moment the scene Dean is telling you. He picked Cas up, swung him over his shoulder I would assume. Went up to some hippy hotel manager, asked for the honeymoon suite and said “Do not disturb, no matter what” and carried him inside. Like there is no WAY that man did not think you were gay Dean. There is literally no reality in which that did not come off SUPER gay and the guy gave less than 0 shits. Like “Yeah man free love, wanna buy some weed” The fact that Dean bought Cas 5 days in the honeymoon suite just for him to crash in. This episode is pure gold *flips table*

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I found my heaven inside of him.

→ for anon ♥

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Request: bloody!cas

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